When walking through a specific area, the vibes and the sounds of people and the city felt more intense and vibrant.

For the first photo shoot we went back where it all started.

We got up at 6. am to capture the warm daylight and walked through markets, explored small alleys, we went further on to visit some famous temples, had a great breakfast at a dumpling restaurant, got back on the street and finally ended up in Chinatowns oldest quarter.

The colorful and charming historical architecture was the perfect scenery and background to highlight the products.

We went to people’s houses and took pictures while hanging them at their front doors, or between their laundry or placed the bags in the middle of a sales stall or fruit basket.

The intention is to show a story line in a very authentic way and bring the beautiful hidden corners of Ho Chi Minh City to the fore front.

The final pictures capture the raw side of the city and the moment when light, texture, material and color melts and fuses into one.

Overall idea and concept by Miiko
All pictures and branding visualization by Hải Trần / Otusstudio

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First and foremost, we are 100% green orientated.

Our bags are functional and each product is manually handcrafted, with many individual production steps taken to reach a high-quality level. The result is:

A very durable, stylish and long-lasting bag

We can keep production waste down to the very minimum

Materials are carefully selected

Colours are non toxic

We also carefully select whom we are working with.

Social, environmental and sustainable resource aspects; these conditions are taken in consideration when choosing partners to work with.

We know the owners personally. It is important to us that manufacturing is done ethically, honestly and fairly.

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